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Credit: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

As a national leader in the river protection movement, Ohio is proud of its Scenic Rivers.


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We're looking for people with a passion for Ohio's Scenic Rivers to join our Board of Directors!
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Credit: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

The Ohio Scenic Rivers Association seeks to ensure that our Scenic Rivers are healthy and continue to provide clean water for people and wildlife and a safe place for families to enjoy nature.

* Protect and improve the natural environments and water quality of Ohio's Scenic Rivers.

* Promote Scenic River stewardship projects in cooperation with local stakeholders.
Credit: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

*Educate Ohioans on the importance of Scenic Rivers.

* Advocate and facilitate public-private partnerships in support of Ohio Scenic Rivers.

* Work to develop non-partisan public and governmental support for effective and sustainable management of Ohio's Scenic Rivers
Source: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

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